We manufacture precision parts on the most modern machines.

With our modern lathes we carry out work with the highest precision.

The lathes are operated by qualified employees.

All manufactured parts are subjected to strict controls.


We focused on singel and small series.

All kinds of matals and plastics are processed.

This is supported by SolidWorks to ensure constant quality.

The focus is on your different requirements and needs.

Turning machine


  •  HAAS ST30                                                               max.Ø533mm x 660mm
  •    Mazak QT 20N                                                       max.Ø510mm x 1037mm
  •   Mazak QT 15N                                                       max.Ø170mm x 500mm


Manuell machine                                                               max. Ø700mm x 2000mm

Milling Machine


  •     HAAS VF4                                      X1270mmY508mmZ635mm
  •   MAHO 600 E                                X600mmY400mmZ300mm
  •     WMW HECKERT                          X1120mmY345mmZ400mm