Cutter 3.0 is a new method for shredding stalks. Alternative to stem
and mulch. Cost of work is inexpensive, as the running costs of the
cylinder are low.
Cutter 3.0 has a working width of 3 m and can be used to crush a
large variety of plant residues such as sunflower, corn, rapeseed,
vegetables, etc.
The cylinder is made of a 610 x 7 mm diameter tube with a total
of 96 knives with screw connection. Due to the high working
speed and weight, the central shaft is 70 mm in diameter.

The cylinder also comes with filling fluid to increase the overall
weight and impact of the machine. The frame is made of thick
wall sections that make the structure strong and durable.

Working width: 3 m
Power Requirement: 105 HP
Working speed: 18-25 km / h
Machine weight: 1780 kg
Total machine weight with liquid: 2480 kg


The auxiliary frame allows even smaller tractors to transport and move Cutter more easily, saving tractor hydraulics. The carriage of the machine is permanently suspended on two wheels, which are first lifted before being put into operation and thus the machine is ready for operation. Due to the heavy weight of the machine, the construction is made of a closed profile with thick walls, to which is attached a shaft bearing the roller (Cutter).